Mayank Grover is a Principal at SME, where he performs a dual role of servicing clients and providing overall management to the practice.  

Mayank’s story with SME started in 2012. He joined the Firm as an intern and was directly involved in multiple infrastructure projects, including the office’s conversion to a paperless environment and customization of a practice management platform. As he advanced his career in accounting, he decided to join KPMG Canada in the Global Mobility Services department to gain experience in an international firm.

Mayank returned to SME in 2016 and obtained his CPA designation in 2018. Over the past decade, he has contributed to the management of the practice including the development of workflow processes and resource utilization. Mayank manages a large portfolio of clients, providing services in the areas of accounting, tax advisory, compliance and business management.

Mayank brings forward a unique set of skills, including being proficient in sign language. He also places a great focus on the mind-body connection, practicing yoga daily and maintaining conscious eating habits. Outside of the office, Mayank enjoys spending time in nature, running, or going for long-walks.