Mergers and Acquisitions


SME Law provides integrated legal services to help you structure your transactions successfully. Whether you are on the buyer side or seller side, we represent both the parties and combine our experience, legal insights, commitment and expertise to help you achieve your unique Mergers and Acquisitions objectives.

Any type of Mergers and Acquisitions deal requires a deep legal understanding and reliable assistance. For that reason, we thoroughly understand our clients’ unique business objectives and anticipate the regulatory as well as specific legal issues for each deal to provide customized legal advice and help companies to grow through acquisition.

At SME, our legal advisors help you manage your Mergers and Acquisitions deals with ease and identify all the legal risks and opportunities for your deal. Whether you are merging your business with another, divesting a business or acquiring a new business, our experienced legal advisors can guide you through the legal and tax implication of any Mergers and Acquisitions deal.

Our legal advisors can help you with:

Purchase or Sale of a Business

If you are considering to purchase or sell your business, lawyers at SME can adopt successful legal strategies to ensure that all the aspects related your transactions are carefully considered and potential pitfalls are avoided.  Our legal professionals possess extensive experience in reviewing, negotiating and drafting letters of intent and agreements of purchase, sale and amendments. We cater to clients across Canada and ensure that every purchase or sale transaction is concluded a timely manner and on the most favorable terms for our clients.

Winding-Up of a Business

Many business owners believe that winding up a business is a simple process. No organization can simply close down its operations by making an exit, ceasing operations, taking out the remaining cash, or by removing all the assets. Our legal advisors understand that when a business comes to an end, there are numerous legal obligations and financial constraints that a business owner must deal with. The process of winding up of a business takes time and effort and requires professional assistance.

At SME, our legal advisors will help you throughout the process of winding up of a business. Whether it is notifying the CRA, submitting required legal forms and agreements, filing a tax return or paying any outstanding tax amount, our lawyers will guide you from beginning to the time you close your business.