SME 360 Advisory: a plural approach to business management

SME offers a 360° advisory methodology whereby a complete view of business and personal affairs is depicted, enabling a uniquely designed solution to address individual, family and business needs. This includes consideration for the complete corporate group including all aspects that may impact a relationship such as family dynamics, growth plans, tax compliance, estate needs, and areas of concern involving potential disputes or risks.

Tax Advisory

We focus on integrated tax strategies based on three pillars: (1) Corporate Structure that aligns with business operations and family dynamics, (2) Tax Compliance to ensure there are no compliance related issues, and (3) Estate and Succession needs for business owners to ensure their future will be smoothly transitioned.

Tax Audit

We work in representing you to regulatory agencies such as the CRA for any tax audits. Our advisors are experienced in dealing with complex CRA audits and can help you through the entire audit process. A comprehensive understanding of the audit scope and areas of risk is first determined to ensure you are represented in the best possible way.

Service Line Leader

SME360 is led by Vishal Grover.
With 15 years of experience, Vishal services businesses in areas that include tax planning and compliance, government (CRA) audits, corporate restructuring and estate planning.

Accounting Advisory

Accounting advisory looks beyond your financial statements and compliance filings for your tax returns, focusing on your Corporation’s business processes and day to day record keeping cycle. This integrated approach towards business enables the determination of a Corporation’s (1) utilization of appropriate accounting software (cloud based or desktop), (2) users involved in data entry, (3) Chart of Accounts that reflect the business operations, and (4) segregation of work between the accounting firm and business owners. This allows an opportunity to utilize the accounting advisory services as your CFO to understand your business results and navigate forward accordingly.

Digital Transformation

Embracing digital transformation is no longer an option reserved just for large enterprises, but it is now essential for everyone including small businesses. We offer scalable solutions in information technology and digital infrastructure to prepare your business to compete in a global, ever-changing economic environment. This can include the setup and maintenance of a central paperless document environment that aligns with business needs including the sharing of documents with internal or external users, business class email, business applications/software’s access control, remote access, and cloud environments. We assist with utilizing the appropriate amount of technology necessary for each Corporation’s needs whether simple or complex.

Family Advisory

In this practice, we focus on one’s family dynamics to determine whether the current ownership structure is effective or if there are any tax advantageous opportunities which could be implemented. Personal and Corporate wills are reviewed to ensure it aligns with the needs of business owners and their extended family. Ever changing family dynamics can bring various challenges if it is not properly structured and can result in unnecessary disputes.

Startup Advisory

Startup advisory takes a step-back approach determining the appropriate road map to ensure ground level foundation is established to align with the business’ short- and long-term needs. This can include incorporating, shareholder structure, implementing accounting software, business banking, digital presence, tax compliance and most importantly structuring your product/service offerings correctly. Having a dedicated resource to navigate your firm from the beginning plays a significant role in how smoothly your operations are established.

Legal & HR Advisory

Legal & Human Resource Advisory focuses on whether there are appropriate legal agreements in place including employment and shareholder agreements. Many exposed risks can be minimized by incorporating appropriate agreements. We utilize our business experience and work with HR Lawyers and Corporate Lawyers as required to provide appropriate recommendations for your business.