Business Formation

When starting a new business, you need trusted legal advisors by your side. Every business has unique needs and thus, your business formation requirements need special attention. Our legal advisors provide customized advice and strategies for your specific needs.

Important questions, such as how to establish your business, how many owners will be involved, legal terms and conditions required for partnership or sole proprietorship, whether you must form a limited liability company or a corporation and how your business is going to get taxed warrant expert advice. Our experienced legal advisors are here to help.

Decisions regarding business formation are crucial for any entrepreneur while establishing a new company. It is essential to have an appropriate business structure to enable your company to grow successfully. If an effective business structure is prepared prior to commencing a business, it reduces the chances of encountering legal disputes in the future.

SME’s legal advisors provide strategic and transparent legal advice at every stage of setting up your business. Our lawyers invest time in understanding the pros and cons of each alternative and propose strategies while acknowledging clients’ specific business needs and goals. Whether you need assistance for business planning, financing, structuring, governance, or tax planning, our business lawyers will seamlessly guide you through every legal aspect.

At SME, we have experienced business formation lawyers to help you with:

Formation of Businesses and Professional Corporation

Formation of a professional corporation involves several steps. It is imperative to have a robust legal strategy in the beginning and throughout the process of incorporation. SME’s lawyers possess in-depth knowledge and valuable resources to manage all issues concerning the formation of businesses and professional corporations. Our legal professionals have a proven record in understanding potential advantages and disadvantages related to these legal entities and can help clients make informed business decisions.

Formation of Partnerships, LPs and LLPs

To ensure a company’s success, it is crucial to formulate an appropriate legal entity. For decisions related to formation of partnerships, limited partnerships (LPs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs), it is imperative to have valuable legal advice at every phase of partnership law, practice and regulation.

At SME, our professionals understand the unique legal challenges that are involved in the formation of a partnership. We can assist you in effectively meeting those challenges and evolving your business idea into a successful business partnership. Our lawyers count on their vast experience to formulate customized legal strategies and plans to meet your business’ requirements.

Our legal advisors possess in-depth knowledge and experience of how partnerships, LPs and LLPs are structured, financed and transformed successfully. We combine our legal expertise and sound partnership knowledge to provide a strong legal foundation at the beginning of a new business partnership.

Joint Ventures

Our team of legal advisors specialize in formulating successful joint venture strategies. So, whether you want to create valuable partnerships, unlock business value from existing ventures or exit a partnership, our experienced lawyers can help.

You may decide to form a joint venture to seek business expansion, collaborate expertise, explore new markets or accomplish other business objectives. The key to a successful joint venture is a robust legal strategy, which is where SME’s expertise can help you.

Joint ventures require decisions that can be quite complex and require professional legal expertise. At SME, we support entrepreneurs and investors by providing advice on regulation and licensing, drafting, negotiating and structuring joint venture contracts, agreements, and commercial agreements.

Legal advisors at SME have extensive experience in providing insight on a wide range of joint venture structures to help clients on various strategic and commercial issues. Our professionals have vast experience in handling joint ventures for SME’s, corporates, and publicly-listed companies. We deliver proactive legal solutions and develop innovative and robust joint venture strategies for our clients.