Business Contracts

A well-drafted business contract is the foundation of any successful business transaction, which enables organizations to function seamlessly and avoid any legal disputes in the future. Business contracts have numerous legal implications which must be understood clearly to mitigate legal risks. Therefore, drafting a sound business contract is crucial for developing strong business relationships and protecting your business’ interests.

At SME Law, we have experience in preparing high-quality business contracts to address the unique needs of each agreement. Our skilled legal advisors carefully assess the legal requirements relevant to each business contract. Thereafter, they negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreements and then draft a precise, thorough and easy-to-read business contract for our clients.

Our legal advisors are highly experienced and up-to-date with business laws and regulations. Lawyers at SME also provide legal insights and adjustments on contracts received by our clients from third-parties.

We collaborate with our accounting, advisory and tax teams to comprehensively review the economic and tax aspects of our clients’ business contracts to provide outstanding legal advice.

Our business contract lawyers will assist you on:

Shareholder Agreements

Our experienced lawyers understand that an effective shareholder agreement should be high-quality and transparent in order to maintain harmony amongst the shareholders and avoid potential disputes in future. We formulate agreements that highlight the rights and obligations of each shareholder, share transfer provisions and management issues.

SME legal advisors also help you to address other crucial issues such as a loyalty and confidentiality clause, the valuation method to be used in the event of share sale, how the investors and founders can sell their shares, the dividend policy to be adopted and how the investors and founders can recover their investments, among others.

Consulting, Service and Employment Agreements

Consulting agreements, formulated between a company and a consultant, involve specific terms and conditions for both contractual parties and hence have crucial legal implications. The contract specifies which services are offered by the consultant as well other important legal aspects. SME’s lawyers have experience in drafting consulting agreements as per our clients’ requirements. 

A service agreement, formulated between a seller and a buyer, has important legal ramifications, as both parties must agree to the type of service provided as well as other details about the service arrangements. Our legal advisors provide reliable assistance to our clients on service agreements by drafting and thoroughly reviewing the contract.

Employment agreements are essential when new employees are hired in any organization. This agreement involves terms of employment as well as several other aspects of employer-employee relationship. Lawyers at SME will help you draft these agreements and help you to resolve potential disputes arising between your organization and its employees.

Supply, Distribution, License Agreements and other Commercial Contracts

The global economy is rapidly evolving and there are many Canadian businesses who supply and distribute their products and services nationally and internationally. This makes supply and distribution agreements an important aspect to ensure a long-term and safe business relationship. SME’s legal consultants have more than decade of experience in documenting legally strong distribution and supply agreements that clearly set out expectations, rights, and responsibilities for both contractual parties involved.