General Corporate Counsel

Effective and trustworthy legal counsel is key to businesses that want to mitigate risks and possible threats, while pursuing seamless growth and success.

Risk Management

At SME, we offer general corporate counsel services for gaining legal insights based on sound legal principles. Our lawyers share unique insights with our clients and help them gain valuable knowledge, which enables them to remain prepared when facing legal threats and manage risks in a practical manner. Through our extensive experience, we help our clients make effective strategic decisions.

Strategic Guidance

Our advisors provide assistance by predicting where and how regulations will change in the future and prepare our clients to make most of such opportunities. We provide legal guidance as well as strategic advice to create a balance that ensures that the company’s best interests are safeguarded and the potential opportunities are explored so that your business can flourish.

Why Choose SME Law?

Our highly skilled legal advisors will help you anticipate potential legal issues, achieve your corporate goals, and serve as a strong compass for the organization. We serve as an outside general counsel throughout Canada to many large, small and mid-size companies and provide customized general corporate counsel services. At SME, our experienced lawyers are committed to providing legal advice across a wide range of legal disputes, risks and opportunities, and other challenges.